Date&Time to legacy Date&Time

This node converts columns from the new Date&Time data types to the legacy type. It is only useful if you have to use nodes that have not been adapted to the new Date&Time type yet.


Column Selection

Column Selector
Only the included columns will be converted.

Replace/Append Selection

Append selected columns
The selected columns will be appended to the input table. The suffix of the appended columns can be provided in the text field to the right.
Replace selected columns
The selected columns will be replaced by the converted columns.

Time Zone Handling

Add the offset of the time zone to the time

If the first option is selected, the offset of the time zone will be added to the time. Otherwise the time zone information will be dropped, because the legacy Date&Time type does not support time zones.

Output if first option is selected:
09.Jul.2015 15:00:00
Output if second option is selected:
09.Jul.2015 13:00:00

Input Ports

Input table

Output Ports

Output table containing the converted columns.


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