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OrientDB Command

OrientDB extension nodes version 2.0.80.v201906141205 by Redfield AB

Executes non-idempotent query. This node is used for uploading, updating and deleting data from database. Suggested commands: create, insert, upsert, delete. Cell type 'LocalTime' isn't supported! Don't use it as source table!


Use column with command
Executes each value of the selected column as a query.
Use SQL statement
Executes user defined query.
Write table to class
Executes each value of the selected column as a query.
Use upsert
If not active new objects of the chosen class will be created. If active the objects will be updated according to unique index matching or created if no such index found or any objects matched. Properties for upload/update can be selected with filter. Column name must correspond to the class property names in the database. Returns JSON column with the results.

Input Ports

Input data table.
OrientDB Connection.

Output Ports

Output Flow variables.
Output data table.
OrientDB Connection.

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)



To use this node in KNIME, install OrientDB Connection Nodes from the following update site:


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