Constant Value Column

Adds/replace a column containing a single constant value in each row.


Select a column which is replaced with the new constant value column.
Add the constant value column as a new column with the given name.
Value settings
In the left combo box you choose the datacell implementation of the column and in the text field the actual column value is entered. You can also choose a flow-variable to provide the value using the button on the right, however the datacell implementation configuration is still necessary.

Note on Double values
Make sure that you use the '.' as the decimal mark in a double value.

Note on Date formats
Note, the date parser uses localization settings so in order to parse foreign language date formats you will need to either convert these formats to the localized representation manually, or change the localization of your system to match that of your data source. A format string as required by the java.text.SimpleDateFormat . Examples:
  • "yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss.SSS" parses dates like "2001.07.04 12:08:56.000"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ" parses dates like "2001-07-04T12:08:56.235-0700"
Valid pattern elements are:
  • G: era designator
  • y: year
  • M: month in year
  • w: Week in year
  • W: week in month
  • D: Day in year
  • d: day in month
  • F: Day of week in month
  • E: day in week
  • a: Am/pm marker
  • H: hour in day (0-23)
  • k: hour in day (1-24)
  • K: hour in am/pm (0-11)
  • h: hour in am/pm (1-12)
  • m: minute in hour
  • s: Second in minute
  • S: millisecond
  • z: Timezone (General time zone)
  • Z: RFC 822 time zone

Input Ports

Input table.

Output Ports

Table with added or replaced column holding the defined constant value.


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