Reads files such as the fastqc_data.txt file. Sections are stored in cells.

In general the file format consists of the following parts:

  1. comment lines (that can include the version of the tool that created the file) starts with "##" and is one line long
  2. Sections that can be regarded as individual tables starts with ">>" and ends with ">>END_MODULE" the first lines contains the name of the table, and an optional tab character followed by addition information (e.g. pass/fail)
  3. within a section the column header are identified by a line that starts with "#". Each column header is separated by a tab character
  4. Any other line within the Section follows the structure defined by the column header line. Values are tab separated
##FastQC	0.10.1
>>Basic Statistics	pass
#Measure	Value	
Filename	s_1.mm9_unaligned.txt	
File type	Conventional base calls	
Encoding	Sanger / Illumina 1.9	
Total Sequences	23594500	
Filtered Sequences	0	
Sequence length	25-51	
%GC	54	


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