Find Git Commits

Find Git commits based on certain criteria. The commits in the output are sorted ascendingly by commit date.


Repository column
A URI column containing paths to local Git repositories.
Branch/tag selection pattern
Allow you to specify which branches/tags (or refs) should be searched for commits. You can either enter a plain branch name or provide a regular expression in order to match several branches.
Author filter pattern
A regular expression that allows filtering commits by author. An empty value will include any author. The match is performed agains the complete author information, i.e. user name and email address.
Start/end commit date
A range of commit dates (not author dates!) which should be included in the result. Both dates are treated inclusive. If the start/end option is disabled the corresponding date boundary is open (i.e. any start date or any end date).
Output last commit only
If one input line (i.e. repository) results in multiple output lines (i.e. commits) then only the last commit is retrieved. This is the most recent commit in the repository that satisfies the filter criteria.

Input Ports

A table with a URI column that contains Git repository locations.

Output Ports

The input table with an additional column containing commits (represented as commit hashes) matching the defined search criteria.


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