Git Fetch

Executes a git fetch command on the provided repositories.


Repository column
A URI column containing paths to local Git repositories.
Error handling
If set to report an additional String column will be appended to the input table containing the status with possible errors of the fetch. If set to fail no column will be appended and the node will fail when an error occurs.
Sets the authentication that shall be used to access the remote repository. The authentication can be either provided by credentials via the Credential Input or Workflow Credentials, or by providing the username and password directly in the dialog.
Use parallel processing
If this option is selected, parallel processing will be activated. This means that several rows may be processed at the same time. Caution! When this option is enabled errors may occur if a single repository is accessed concurrently, i.e. two URIs point to the same repository.

Input Ports

Any input table containing a URI to the git repository.

Output Ports

The input table with a possible additional column indicating if the fetch was successful depending on the set Error handling option.


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