List Remote Files (legacy)

This node creates a list with the URIs of the files that are contained in the specified directory (the content of sub folders can be listed as well). It is also shown if the corresponding URI represents a directory or not. There are 3 filters available: file extension(s), wildcard pattern or regular expression.
The location of the directory can either be local (if no connection information is given) or on a remote server.

This legacy file handling node has been replaced by List Files/Folders and will be deprecated in the foreseeable future. For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.


Select the folders to be scanned. Also KNIME-URLs like "knime://knime.workflow/" are accepted.
Include sub folders
If enabled the content of the sub folders will be included as well. If disabled sub folders will be ignored.
Specifies the filter to be applied:
  • none: all files will be included
  • regular expression: only the files matching the regular expression will be included.
  • wildcard pattern: only the files matching the wildcard pattern will be included.
  • extension(s): only the files with the right extension will be included.
Extensions / expression:
Define the file extension(s), a wildcard pattern or a regular expression for the filter. For multiple extensions ";" acts as the separator. This option is ignored if no filter is selected.
case sensitive:
If checked the filter is case sensitive.

Input Ports

Port object containing the connection information to the server. (Optional)

Output Ports

Table containing the list of files that are present in the directory.


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