Parallel Chunk Start

Represents the start of a parallel chunked flow. Upon execution, it splits the input data into equally sized chunks and executes the body (terminated by the Parallel Chunk End) in parallel, each processing one chunk. The chunk count can be customized in the configuration dialog.


Use automatic chunk count
Use a chunk count derived from the system's processor count. (To control this externally you can set the flow variable "chunkCount" equal to -1 and the setting "Use custom chunk count".)
Use custom chunk count
Specify the chunk count in the spinner.
Disable main branch
Controls if the main branch is used for computations or not. If selected, all chunks will be processed in copies of the body and the body itself will be inactive.

Input Ports

The input data, split into chunks by the node.

Output Ports

A representation of the data chunk that is processed by the parallel branch workflow body.


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