SubGraph Extractor

Extracts the surrounding subgraphs of an object from the given network. The objects to use and the size of the subgraph depends on the node settings.


Object selection
Defines which resource should be used for the object ids:
  1. Use all objects: Uses all objects from the selected partition type (node, edge, undefined, all)
  2. Pick objects randomly: Uses the fixed seed to pick the given number of random objects from the selected partition type (node, edge, undefined, all)
  3. Pick objects by id: Uses the given list of objects ids where each id is separated using the specified separator
  4. Use table column: Fetches the object ids from the optional input table from the selected column
Sub graph diameter (incl. edges)
Specifies the diameter of the subgraph. The number includes the edges which are internal represented as objects as well. In order to get only the direct neighbor nodes of a node select a diameter of 2. A diameter of 3 also includes edges among the direct neighbor nodes.
Maximum number of objects
Specifies the maximum number of objects (nodes and edges) the subgraph should contain. Set this option to -1 for no limitation. If a subgraph is incomplete because of this option the skipped column contains true.
Allow overlapping graphs
Tick this option if the extracted subgraphs are allowed to overlap. If this option is not ticked each object is used only once.
Max no of threads
This option specifies the maximum number of threads to use. It is only available if overlapping is allowed.
Copy all features
Tick this option if all features of the objects in the subgraph should be copied from the original network.
Include only reachable objects
Tick this option to include only objects that are reachable from the root node via a directed path. This option is only available if the network is directed.

Input Ports

Existing network
Provides ids for a selection of objects to analyze. Optional because objects can be selected in the node dialog.

Output Ports

Table with the sub graphs


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