Creates for each list of collection values a list of rows with the values of the collection in one column and all other columns given from the original row. Rows with an empty collection are skipped, as well as rows that contain only missing values in the collection cell with the 'Skip missing values' option enabled.


Collection columns
Add the collection columns to ungroup to the include list.
Remove selected collection column
The selected collection column will be removed from the result table, if this option is ticked.
Skip missing values
If enabled, rows with a missing value in all selected collection columns are skipped, as well as missing values in a collection cell if they occur in all selected collection columns.
Skip empty collections
If enabled, rows in which all selected collection columns are empty will be skipped.
Enable hiliting
If enabled, the hiliting of a input row results in hiliting all rows (given in the collection cell) of the ungrouped output table vs. if all output rows (represented in or more collection cell) the input row(s) are hilit as well. Depending on the number of rows, enabling this feature might consume a lot of memory.

Input Ports

The input table to ungroup

Output Ports

Ungrouped table


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