MongoDB Save

This Node Is Deprecated — This version of the node has been replaced with a new and improved version. The old version is kept for backwards-compatibility, but for all new workflows we suggest to use the version linked below.
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The MongoDB Save node saves documents that were previously read from a MongoDB database and then modified. For each document in the input column a document with corresponding _id field is looked up and its fields replaced with the fields from the document in the table. If no such document exists in the database, the document from the table is inserted. Therefore the behavior is equal to an update with the upsert option turned on.


The host name or ip address
The port on which the database is available (default: 27017)
The database name
The collection name
Input column
The column which contains the documents to be saved

Input Ports

The table with documents to be written

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


This node has no views


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