Interactive Labeling Editor

This node allows the user to manually add to, remove from, and modify existing labelings. In order to modify an existing label, first select the label you wish to add or remove from the list of available labels. Then simply click on existing labels in the image view to change them. Clicking with the left mouse button adds the selected label to the region whereas clicking with the right mouse button removes them.
The labels present in the image are organized in two lists - one for newly created labels and one for labels already existing in the laoded image. New labels can be created, renamed or deleted freely, affecting all occurrences in the input.


Operations on New Labels

Create Label
Create a new label.
Delete Label
Delete all occurrences of the selected label. This affects all images in the Table.
Highlight New
Highlights new labels in the image.

Operations on Current Labels

Rename Label
Rename the selected Label. If this label is also contained in the "New Labels"-list, it will be changed in ALL images.
Delete Label
Delete all occurrences of the selected label in the current image.

General Options

Recolor Label
Recolors the selected label with a random color.
Reset Labels
Restores the labeling to its original state.

Input Ports

A Table containing both the image (optional) and the labeling to be modified

Output Ports

Modified labels


View the edited labeling




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