Path to String (Variable)

This node converts the selected path flow variables into variables of type string.

More information about file handling in KNIME can be found in the official File Handling Guide.


Variable selection
The Path variables that will be converted to String variables.
Suffix added to the new variables
The suffix that will be added to the name of the Path variables that are converted to create the names of the new String variables.
Create KNIME URL for 'Relative to' and 'Mountpoint' file systems
This option is only relevant for paths with the Relative to workflow data area, Relative to workflow, Relative to mountpoint or Mountpoint file system. If checked, a String is created that contains a KNIME URL. Such a KNIME URL starts with "knime://" and can be used to e.g. control legacy reader nodes via flow variables. If unchecked, a String is created that contains solely the path, i.e. without the knime protocol and hostname. Such a String can e.g. be used for manipulations and converted back to a Path using the String to Path node.

Input Ports

Input variables.

Output Ports

Input variables with additional converted String variables.


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