Document Viewer

The first view shows a list of all document titles. The quick search offers the possibility to search documents distinctly by title, category, authors or source. It's also possible to reset the result of a search. The view described above will be again displayed. A double click on a title opens the document detail view. All the information of the document is shown, such as, title, text, journal title, author names, publication date, file name, category, source and type. In the detail view words can be searched and matches will be hilited. Tagged terms can be hilited as well. The tags themselves can also be displayed. Additionally, It is possible to turn off html parsing so that html documents can be displayed nicely.


Document Col
Specifies the document column containing the documents to show.

Input Ports

The input table which contains terms and documents.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Document View
Displays the data of the documents.




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