Contains misc nodes of the textprocessing plugin

This category contains 9 nodes.

Category to Class 

Adds a class (string) column to each row, containing the category string of the document in that particular row.

Document Viewer 

Shows a detailed view of the input documents and all their data, such as title, text, authors, meta information etc.

Document Viewer Deprecated

Displays all data of the given documents, like text, authors, publication date and so on.

Markup Tag Filter Streamable

Filters all kind of Markup Language Tags such as HTML or XML tags.

String Matcher 

The node finds for each string in the data list the most similar words of the dictionary list.

Tag Cloud 

Creates a tag cloud

Tagcloud (deprecated) Deprecated

Creates a tag cloud

Tika Language Detector Streamable

This node detects the language of a given String/Document value.

Tika Parser URL Input Streamable

Tika Parser URL Input parses all kinds of file format supported by the Apache Tika library.