Markup Tag Filter

Removes all Markup Language Tags contained in the input columns. For string inputs the complete string will be filtered. For document inputs titles and all sections (abstract, body text) will be filtered.
ATTENTION: Documents will be retokenized after filtering. During this process all tag information will be lost.


Column selection
The columns containing string or document values to filter for Markup Language Tags.
Append as new columns (specify suffix)
If checked the filtered values will be appended as additional columns. For each selected column one additional column containing the filtered values will be appended. If not checked, the input values will be replaced by the filtered values. The names of the new columns are those of the original columns with the specified suffix appended.
Word tokenizer
Select the tokenizer used for word tokenization. Go to Preferences -> KNIME -> Textprocessing to read the description for each tokenizer.

Input Ports

The input table which contains strings and/or documents to preprocess.

Output Ports

The output table which contains the preprocessed strings and/or documents.


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