Visual 2D Data Generator

This node enables you to create a two-dimensional data set by manually adding points from a coordinate system: left-click a point to add it and right-click it to remove it. With the "Snap to Grid" option, points are positioned on the intersection of the grid, as configured. The class option allows to you set up a third dimension, which outputs to an integer column.

Use the clear button with caution as it removes all the points from the coordinate system.


Min. y
The minimum on the Y-Axis (must be less than or equal to zero)
Min. x
The minimum on the X-Axis (must be less than or equal to zero)
Max. y
The maximum on the Y-Axis (must be greater than zero)
Max. x
The maximum on the X-Axis (must be greater than zero)
Grid. y
Determines the interval in which a grid line should be drawn on the Y-Axis
Grid. x
Determines the interval in which a grid line should be drawn on the X-Axis
Snap to Grid
If this option is activated, points will be added on the nearest intersection of the grid lines
Determines the class of the next point which will be added
Image Settings
Change the size (width and and height) of the generated PNG image at outport 1.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

A two dimensional numerical data set with an additional class column
A PNG image of the coordinate panel


This node has no views




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