DB Table Selector

This node takes a database connection as input and allows selecting a table or view based on the incoming database connection. The node outputs the incoming connection together with the query referencing the selected table or view which can be used in subsequent database nodes.


The optional database schema name.
The table or view name.
Select a table
Click on the button to open the Database Metadata Browser which allows you to browse the database metadata and to select a table or view. At first opening it fetches the metadata from the database and caches it for subsequent use. Click the Refresh button to re-fetch the metadata from the database. The data is grouped by type. By clicking on an entity it shows contained elements. To select a table or view select the name and click OK or double click the element. To search for a particular table or view name enter the name or parts of the name into the search field and click Search. The drop down box allows you to further narrow down the result by type e.g. schema or table. To reset the search filter click Reset.

Input Ports

DB Connection

Output Ports

DB Data referencing the selected table


This node has no views




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