PostgreSQL Connector

This node creates a connection to a PostgreSQL server via its JDBC driver. You need to provide the server's hostname (or IP address), the port, and a database name. Login credentials can either be provided directly in the configuration or via credentials set on the workflow.


Connection settings

Database Dialect
Choose the registered database dialect here.
Driver Name
Choose the registered database driver here. Additional drivers can be registered via KNIME's preference page "KNIME -> Databases (Labs)".
The hostname (or IP address) of a PostgreSQL server.
The port on which the PostgreSQL server is listening. The default port is 5432.
Database name
The name of the database you want to connect to.
If checked, the authentication is not required.
If checked, the credentials (user and password) are used as defined on the workflow. The credential name links to the specified user and password. Those can be replaced or edited the 'Workflow Credentials' menu available in the workflow's context menu.
Your log-in user name for the database.
Username & password
Your log-in user name and password for the database. Note that the password is encrypted before storage and decrypted afterwards for being used internally.

JDBC Parameters

This tab allows you to explicitly define the JDBC driver properties.


This tab allows you to explicitly define the KNIME Database Framework properties.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

A database connection


This node has no views


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