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H2 Connector

KNIME database extensions version 0.9.0.v201807061025 by KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany

This node creates a connection to a H2 database file via its JDBC driver. You need to provide the path to the database file or the name when using in-memory mode. No username and password are required for H2 databases.


Connection settings

Database Dialect
Choose the registered database dialect here.
Driver Name
Choose the registered database driver here. Additional drivers can be registered via KNIME's preference page "KNIME -> Databases (Labs)".
The path to the H2 database file.
The in-memory H2 database name.

JDBC Parameters

This tab allows you to explicitly define the JDBC driver properties.


This tab allows you to explicitly define the KNIME's Database Framework properties.

Output Ports

Database Connection

Best Friends (Outgoing)



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