Table Difference Finder

The Table Difference Finder offers the functionality to compare two tables by means of their values and table specs. Firstly, the values in the selected columns are compared in both tables, and the possible differences are shown for each row and column. Secondly, the types, domains, and positions of the selected columns are compared in both tables, and the results are shown for each column. The selected columns are either all columns in both tables, or a subset of columns in the reference table, i.e. the second input.


Compare entire tables
If this option is checked all columns from the first as well as the second input will be compared against each other. Otherwise, the tables will solely be compared respective the selected columns of the reference, i.e., the second input table.
Note: RowIDs are not being compared.
Select columns from reference table
The list contains the names of those columns in the reference table to be included for the comparison. It allows you to select the columns manually (by moving them to the right panel), via wildcard/regex (all columns whose names match the wildcard/regex are included) or via type selection (all columns with a certain type are included). In case of manual selection, the behavior for new columns (i.e. that are not available at the time you configure the node)can be specified as either Enforce exclusion (new columns are excluded and therefore not used for comparison) or Enforce inclusion (new columns are included and therefore used for comparison).
Fail option:
Never: The The node will not fail on any differences between the two tables.

Differing table specs: The node will fail if any of the selected columns does not exist in the other table, or the columns differ in type or domain. Note that differing column positions are being ignored.

Differing values: On the first occurrence of differences in the values the node will fail.

Input Ports

Table to check for compliance.
Reference table.

Output Ports

Table exhibiting all differing entries.
Table containing a row for each unique column.


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