Column Merger

Merges two columns into one by choosing the cell that is non-missing. The configuration dialog allows you to choose a primary and a secondary column. The output of the node will be a new column (or a replacement of the selected input columns), whereby the output value for each row will be

  • the value in the primary column if it is not missing,
  • the value in the secondary column otherwise.

Note that the output value might be missing if and only if the secondary column contains a missing value. Also note that the type of the output column is a super type of both selected inputs, i.e. if you choose to merge a number and a string column, the output column will have a very general data type.


Primary Column
The column with the value that will be used unless it is missing.
Secondary Column
The column with the value that will be used otherwise.
Output Placement
Choose where to put the result column. You can replace either of the input columns, both input columns (the output column will replace the primary column) or append a new column with a given name.

Input Ports

Input with two columns to merge.

Output Ports

Input along with the merged column.


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