Catch Errors (Var Ports)

This node forwards the input from the first port if the execution was successful. If execution on the top branch failed (and a matching try node was connected before the failing node!) then the input from the second port will be forwarded and the second variable outport will contain information about the observed error.


Always populate error variables
If selected, the variables will also be generated when the node is not failing with the default values as selected.
Default for FailingNode variable:
Default value for the FailingNode variable, if no node is failing.
Default for FailingNodeMessage variable:
Default value for the FailingNodeMessage variable, if no node is failing.
Default for FailingNodeStackTrace variable:
Default value for the FailingNodeStackTrace variable, if no node is failing.
Propagate Variables
If selected, variables defined (or modified) within the Try-Catch block are propagated downstream of this Catch Errors node. In most cases users will want to check this box (which is also the default). Previous versions of KNIME did not have this option and variables were always limited in scope and not visible downstream.

Input Ports

The original input
The input to be used when execution on the main branch failed.

Output Ports

Original input or default if execution failed.
Reasons for Failure (if any).


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