Kinase Information Retriever

KNIME node to retrieve all generic kinase information from KLIFS optionally restricted to a user-supplied set of kinase IDs. This node returns a table comprising the KLIFS kinase ID, kinase name, HGNC symbol, kinase group, kinase family, kinase class, species, full name, UniProt accession code, IUPHAR ID, and the amino acid sequence of the pocket based on the KLIFS pocket definition using a consistent alignment of 85 residues. This information can, for example, be used to link KLIFS information to external resources (e.g. using HGNC symbols or UniProt, IUPHAR identifiers), to analyze pocket sequence identity/similarity, to associate kinase IDs with their kinases groups, families and classes, or to select kinases from a specific kinase class/family/group using a Row Filter (core KNIME node) to selectively retrieve KLIFS information.


Advanced Options

Base path
Url to use as base path for KLIFS webservice
Timeout in seconds to wait for KLIFS webservice response

Input Ports

Optional input with kinase IDs

Output Ports

Full kinase information overview


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