Structures PDB Mapper

KNIME node to map a set of 4-letter PDB-codes to structure IDs from KLIFS. This node maps a set of user-supplied 4-letter structure PDB-codes to the KLIFS structure IDs and additionally provides all related structural information from KLIFS (see the description of the Structures Overview Retriever node for a detailed listing). The mapping functionality of this node can, for example, be used to selectively retrieve KLIFS information for a set of PDBs, or to link external data to KLIFS information using PDB-codes.


Advanced Options

Base path
Url to use as base path for KLIFS webservice
Timeout in seconds to wait for KLIFS webservice response

Input Ports

List of 4-letter PDB-codes that will be mapped to KLIFS structure IDs.

Output Ports

All structural information obtained from KLIFS for the given PDBs


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