Cumulocity Measurements Retriever

Retrieves the measurements for the given device IDs.


Device IDs
String column that should contain the IDs of the devices for which measurements are to be retrieved. Use a row filter before this node to select a subset of devices as necessary.
Max number of records to retrieve
Maximal number of measurements to retrieve. Use -1 for all records. Note that the number of measurements retrieved may be slightly larger than this number since always all fragments of a measurement are retrieved.
From Date (optional)
Retrieve only measurements younger than this date.
To Date (optional)
Retrieve only measurements older than this date.

Input Ports

Cumulocity Connection Info.
Data containing the list of devices to be retrieved

Output Ports

Retrieved Measurements filtered by criteria. Output columns are 'Measurement ID, 'Measurement Type', 'Device ID', 'Zoned Date Time', 'Fragment Series', 'Value', and 'Unit'.


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