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Generic Workflow Nodes for KNIME: SeqAn version by Freie Universitaet Berlin, Universitaet Tuebingen, and the SeqAn Team

Read a FASTQ file with reads sequences of the same length. Writes out a TSV file with one record for each column/position with statistics on the nucleotides and qualities.

Web Documentation for FxFastqStats


Turn this option off to disable version update notifications of the application.

Input Ports

Input FASTQ file. [fastq,fq]

Output Ports

Output TSV file. [fq_stats_tsv]


FxFastqStats Std Output
The text sent to standard out during the execution of FxFastqStats.
FxFastqStats Error Output
The text sent to standard error during the execution of FxFastqStats. (If it appears in gray, it's the output of a previously failing run which is preserved for your trouble shooting.)

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