Input File

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

(Deprecated: Use File Importer instead)

With this node you can locate a file on your file system (i.e., file:// and executor-local knime:// protocol paths) that can serve as input for another Generic KNIME Node. This is different from "File Reader", in the sense that the files are not read into an internal KNIME Table, but stay on your file system. Note: On a KNIME server you might need to enable access to the server's file system.


Selected file
Specifies the full name (including its directory) of the file.
File extension (override)
By default, Input File will determine the file type by the extension of the file, but this behavior can be overridden (e.g. in case of a custom file extension but known file type). In that case, you can provide the extension for the file type you want the file to be interpreted as.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Selected file


First lines of file
View the first 50 lines of the selected file




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