Split Columns by Header

This node uses a user-specified delimiter character to split the content of a selected column into parts similarly as the “Split Columns” node, with the extension that the column names of the new columns will be derived from the column header of the splitted column. This node works well together with the “Combine Columns by Header” node.

Plate Row Column
Plate01 A 1
Plate02 A 2
Combined by “::”

This Splitter node does the reverse with automatically naming the columns as above (instead of “Plate::Row::Column_Arr[0]”,….)


Column selection
Select the column whose values are split.
Specify the delimiter in the value, that splits each part.
Quotation character
Specify the quotation character, if the different parts in the value are quoted. (The character to escape quotes is always the backslash.) If no quotation character is needed leave it empty.
Set Array Size
Check this and specify the number of columns to append. All created columns will be of type String. (See above for what happens if the split produces a different number of parts.)
Guess Size and Column Types
If this is checked, the node performs an additional scan through the entire data table and computes the number of columns needed to hold all parts of the split. In addition it determines the column type of the new columns.
Missing Value Handling
If select, the node creates empty string cell instead of missing value cells.

Input Ports

Input data table with column containing the cells to split

Output Ports

Output data table with additional columns.


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