Create Interval

This node creates a column of type Interval from given lower (left) and upper (right) bounds. Additionally, columns indicating whether the endpoints are included or excluded can be provided.
As bounds any numeric column will serve. The left/Lower bound value need to be smaller or equal compared to its right/upper bound value.
Whether a bound is included or excluded can be chosen either by a fixed setting:

  • including both bounds "[a;b]"
  • including left bound only "[a;b)"
  • including right bound only "(a;b]"
  • excluding both bounds "(a;b)"
Otherwise boolean columns can be provided given that "true" results in including the bound or "false" in excluding the bound.
Empty Intervals are allowed to be created (like "(1;1)").


Left Bound
A numeric column providing left/lower bound values
Right Bound
A numeric column providing right/upper bound values
set fixed include/exclude flags
If checked, the intervals will be created with the selected mode
use columns for include/exclude flags
If checked, boolean columns have to be provided as include/exclude flags
Replace column
If checked, the values of the selected column will be replaced by the newly created intervals
Append column
If checked, a new interval column with the given name will be appended

Input Ports

Input table containing at least one numeric column

Output Ports

Input Table with newly appended or replaced interval column


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