Number Formatter

This node needs one column with the numbers that need to be modified. The node will create a new sortable string column or replace existing one with the formatted numbers so all of them have a constant number of digits.

Number Number Formatted
2 02.00
10.5 10.50
3.33 03.33
The leading character can be chosen:
Leading character Number Formatted
0 02.00
"empty space" 2.00
_ _2.00
Node works only on positive numbers.


Select a column
Choose a column to be formatted
Delete the Source Column
Choose this if you want to dismiss the source columns
Choose the leading character
Choose what kind of character should appear as a leading: "0", "empty space" or "_"

Input Ports

Input port with the table to be formatted.

Output Ports

Output port with the table contained numbers after modification


This node has no views




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