Shapefile Polygon Reader

Reads polygons and polylines from ESRI shapefiles. The first out port contains the polygons plus metadata. The second out port contains the geographical coordinates, which are referenced by the polygons via Row ID. The polygons may be visualized via the "Open Street Map" nodes.


SHP File
Enter a valid *.shp file here. The related *.dbf, *.shx and all optional files have to be in the same folder.
Row ID Prefix
Prefix of Row IDs in Geo-Coordinates table. Must be used if data from multiple "Shapefile Polygon Readers" is concatenated to ensure unique IDs.
Get Exterior Ring of Polygons
Select if only the exterior ring of the polygon should be imported. That means all holes are skipped.
Split Polygons to Remove Holes
Split each polygon with holes into multiple polygons without holes. In some cases polygons with holes are not drawn correctly in the "Open Street Map" nodes.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

All imported polygons. References the geo-coordinates in the second table. May be used as input for second port of "OSM Map View" and "OSM Map To Image".
All geographical coordinates of the imported polygons. May be used as input for the first port of the "Open Street Map" nodes.


This node has no views




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