TIBCO Spotfire File Writer

This node creates a TIBCO Spotfire SBDF or STDF data file from the input table. SBDF is Spotfire Binary Data Format and is the preferred Spotfire native file format. STDF (Spotfire Text) is also included for support for legacy applications.

The node also complies with the latest KNIME file writer standards and so you can use knime://knime.workflow/file.sbdf (to write to a location relative to the root of the workflow folder) or knime://knime.mountpoint/file.sbdf (to write to a location relative to the root of the workspace folder).

To write to the Spotfire library, the URL must be in the format http(s)://spotfireserver:port/spotfire/libraryPath/file.sbdf - note that STDF cannot be saved in the Spotfire library.

IMPORTANT! You must use the Spotfire application server (TIBCO Spotfire Server), not the web server (Consumer/Business Author). Also, you MUST make sure the url contains /spotfire/ immediately after the server name.
Known Issues: When new file writer node is placed on the workspace canvas, the workflow credentials functionality does not work initially. If you connect an input to the node, the workflow credentials will then be available.
Recent enhancements:
April 2024: Fixed bug with uploading large SBDF files
December 2023: Updated to work with KNIME 5.1 and later, and Spotfire 12.x and 14.x
September 2022: Updated to work with KNIME 4.6 and later. Added support for binary columns. Many, many bug fixes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: May no longer work without valid certificate over https...
See: https://community.tibco.com/s/article/knime for details
February 2020: Better logging for https communication, various bug fixes, ability to ignore SSL certificate errors
October 2019: Many fixes and updates
(February 2018): Bug fixes for upload to Spotfire library functionality
(February 2017): Major overhaul of architecture; updated to work with Spotfire 7.5 and later; many bug fixes
(December 2015): when uploading to the Spotfire library, send the data in 2Mb chunks; implemented the Long data type; fixed issues with losing precision of double values


Selected File
The name of the file to write to. Must end in .SBDF (preferred) or .STDF
Overwrite file
If the destination file exists, it will be overwritten or execution of the node will be halted, dependent on this setting
Username and Password
The username and password for the user with upload privileges on the Spotfire library. The user must have permission to write to the folder specified in the URL

Input Ports

Data to write to file

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Default view (empty)...




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