Message Slack channel (row based)

Send messages to slack. This node is capable of sending multiple messages to multiple channels. Specify the channel name and the message in the dialog.

API call details:

Notes on username: By default the message will be sent and display with the apps name. If the chat:write:customize scope has been added then it is possible to set a username parameter. If changing the display name / username of the source of the message is desirable then check 'Set username' and provide the username to post the message as.

Rate Limiting: The underlying Java Slack API offers an async approach where it attempts to manage Rate Limits on API requests. This node node uses the aysnc version of the method and will send approximately 1 message per second.


OAth token
The OAth token to use for the action. Initially populated by the value in the preferences.
The name of the channel to send the message to.
The message content to send.
Set username
Whether to use the custom provided username instead of bot name.
A custom username to set, this will overide the default bot name. Ignored if Set username is not checked.
Lookup conversation
If checked will lookup the conversation matching the channel name and pass on the channel ID otherwise passes the channel name directly to the API call

Input Ports

The message details: channel name and message

Output Ports

The response from Slack


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