Sequence Reader

Read sequences in Maestro for FASTA format. The input format is determined by the file extension.

Backend implementation

seqconvert is used to convert FASTA input to Maestro Sequence format (if necessary)


Sequence file
Sequence file to be loaded
File can be an URL like:
knime://LOCAL/path/to/file - knime://LOCAL refers to the current workspace
knime://knime.workflow/path/to/file - knime://knime.workspace refers to the current workflow
Load all sequences into one cell
Read sequences into one table row/cell; the default is to store at most one sequence per row
Import all Sequence
Whether the entire file should be loaded
If not all sequences are loaded, which number sequence, should loader start at (disabled if Import all Sequence is set)
Should the file be loaded until to end (disabled if Import all Sequence is set)
If not all sequences are imported and not loaded until the end, how many total sequences should be loaded (disabled if Import all sequences or End is set)

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Sequences in Maestro format


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