KNIME Server Connection (legacy)

This node configures the connection information that will be used to connect to a KNIME Server. Using this connection, the other KNIME remote file handling nodes can be used to create directories, list, delete, download and upload files from and to the KNIME Server.
The connection information is in the following format http://serverAccount@knime-server:port/contextRoot, where
  • https is the protocol used by the server ( http also possible),
  • serverAccount is the username used to access the server,
  • knime-server is the address to the KNIME Server,
  • port is the port of the server, and
  • contextRoot is the root directory of the KNIME Server. (also the path used to access the Webportal.)

The root directory of the KNIME Server containing all workflows and data that is shown in the Webportal or the KNIME Explorer can be found at https://serverAccount@knime-server:port/contextRoot/rest/v4/repository/.

To down-/upload a file using the "Download / Upload from List" Node the provided path has thus to point to https://knime-server:port/contextRoot/rest/v4/repository/pathToFile/file, where
  • pathToFile is the path from the root to the file that shall be accessed and
  • file is the actual file.

Example: To down-/upload a file that is stored in 'data/testdata.csv' from a server that runs locally and listens to port 8080 the encoded path has to be https://localhost:8443/knime/rest/v4/repository/data/testdata.csv.

This legacy file handling node has been replaced by the KNIME Server Connector and will be deprecated in the foreseeable future. For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.


KNIME Server
The address to the KNIME Server. This is usually something like https://server:8443/knime/ .
The server address can be entered by copying the link of the server's WebPortal using a browser and pasting it into the field, or by choosing an already mounted server via the Select... button.
If no port is provided the standard ports for https and http are used.
The authentication that shall be used for the KNIME Server.
The timeout in milliseconds when establishing a connection.
Test connection
Opens a dialog that tests the current connection using the provided settings.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Port object containing the KNIME Server connection information.


This node has no views




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