Image to Report

The incoming image is provided as a data set to the KNIME Report Designer.


Use custom image scaling
If checked, the image will be scaled according to the specified width and height settings. Otherwise the default size of the involved renderer is used.
It is recommended to try this option if the image quality in the report does not meet the expectations. Depending on the renderer scaling the images here may provide better results.
Export Image As
Sends any image or rendered graphics contained in the table in the selected format to BIRT (the reporting library). PNG is the default and will result in a pixel graphic without further modification in the report.
SVG is currently in a development stage and is supported in BIRT only with few modifications to the report. These are the steps:
  • Select SVG in this dialog, possibly change the resolution in the image scaling fields.
  • Switch to the reporting, make sure nothing is selected in the report editor and switch to the "Script" tab. Select the "beforeRender" script and enter this command "KNIME.enableSVGImagesInPDF(reportContext)" (no quotes).
  • Switch back to main report editor (tab "Layout"), design the report and add the dynamic image by linking it to the KNIME data source.
  • Select the dynamic image report element and choose in the "Property Editor - Image" view under "Properties" the tab "Advanced" (note, you might need to scroll). In the property list search for "Type expression" and edit the entry. Enter "image/svg+xml", including the quote characters.
The custom height of the image.
The custom width of the image.

Input Ports

Image to be provided.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Table View
Displays the data that will go into the report.




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