Decision Tree to Image

Renders a decision tree view on an image. Currently supported image type is PNG. The data input is optional. It can be used to provide a column with color information. This color information is needed for the chart in the nodes of the decision tree.


Width (in Pixel)
The width of the image.
Collapse Table
The height of the image.
Tree Scaling
To make sure that the decision tree is completely rendered on the image you would choose Shrink to image area. With Fit to image area the tree may also be scaled up to fit the image area. Finally, Fixed value gives control over the scaling magnitude.
The scaling magnitude for the tree scaling option Fixed value.
Branch Display
With this options you can restrict the number of branches (nodes) of the tree rendered on the image. Using Unfold with data coverage, all branches will be unfolded that have a total data coverage greater than the given value. With Unfold to level, the tree will be unfolded to the given level where the root is on level 0 and its children on level 1.
Node Display
Controls the style how the nodes of the tree are displayed. You can choose to hide the table ore the chart in the nodes. Note, that the chart will show up only when the data input provides a column with color information.

Input Ports

A previously learned decision tree model
A data input which has the only purpose to provide a columns with color information.

Output Ports

The image of the decision tree (PNG)


Decision Tree View
The rendered image. The second tab provides a dynamic decision tree view which allows to explore the decision tree.




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