Spacy Lemmatizer

This Node Is Deprecated — This version of the node has been replaced with a new and improved version. The old version is kept for backwards-compatibility, but for all new workflows we suggest to use the version linked below.
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The node converts all tokens to their root form (lemma), removing cases, plurals, conjugations, etc. Not all spaCy models contain lemmatizer. Different spaCy models might lack this model.


Select column
Select a Document column that will be affected by lemmatization.
Replace column
If checked, the document column will be replaced by the new preprocessed documents. Otherwise the preprocessed documents will be appended as a new column.
Append column
The name of the new appended column, containing the preprocessed documents.


spaCy model
Pick one of the official spaCy models, or refer to a custom model stored in the filesystem. In the latter case refer to a folder with meta.json and config files.


Select one of Python execution environment options:
  • use default Python environment for the Redfield NLP nodes
  • use Conda environment

Input Ports

The input table which contains the documents to preprocess.

Output Ports

The output table which contains the preprocessed documents.


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