Applies XSLT stylesheets on the cells of an XML column. The node applies to every cell in the XML column every stylesheet in the XSLT column. The result will be a column with collection cells one cell for every stylesheet or simple cells when use first stylesheet, only is checked.


New column name
The name of the new column.
XML column
The column containing the XML cells.
Remove source column
If checked the XML column does not show up in the output table.
Stylesheet column
The column with the XSLT stylesheets.
Use first stylesheet only
If checked only the first stylesheet of the XSLT stylesheet column is applied. The new column will comprise simple cells and no collection cells.
Output is XML
If checked the output will be XML cells instead of string cells.

Input Ports

Input table containing at least one XML column.
Input table containing at least one XML column with XSLT stylesheets.

Output Ports

The output table with .


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