Column to XML

Does a row wise conversion of input data to XML. The created XML cells consist of a single XML element with custom name, content and attributes.


New column name
Name of the new column in the output table.
Content column
Data bound content of the XML element. A column with XML, numeric or string data can be chosen here. In the latter case XML special characters are automatically escaped in order to get valid XML.
Element name
Name of the created XML element. A custom name will be equal for every row whereas data bound name takes its value from an input column.
Data bound attributes
Attributes added to the XML element with data bound values can be defined here.
Custom attributes
Attributes added to the XML element can be defined here.
Remove source columns
Check when the source columns should not show up in the output table. Source columns are the content column and the columns used for the data bound name and the data bound attributes.

Input Ports

Input table.

Output Ports

The input table with an additional column containing the XML.


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