SPARQL File Inserter

This node inserts Semantic Web triples from the selected file into an endpoint. The graph to which the triples are inserted can be specified by entering the graph name. If the graph name is left empty the default graph is chosen. (Note that not all endpoints support the usage of non-named graphs) It supports files such as *.ttl, *.rdf. *.rj, *.nt, *.trig, *.trix. Please check Jena Documentation for further information.

Functionality is provided using the Apache Jena Framework


Selected File
Enter a valid file name or URL. You can also choose a previously selected location from the drop-down list, or select a local file from the "Browse..." dialog.
Graph name
Name of the graph to which triples should be inserted. (Leave empty for default graph)

Input Ports

Semantic Web connection

Output Ports

Semantic Web connection


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