Report PDF Writer

Writes the given report to a PDF file at the specified location.

The PDF file will respect the page size that was set for the report in the respective component's layout editor dialog. If the provided report was constructed by merging/concatenating multiple reports with different page sizes or orientations, the pages belonging to each report will use the respective page configurations in the generated PDF document.


Output location (path and file name)
Specify the full path and file name to where the PDF shall be written. The location can be either
  • an operating system-dependent path on the local machine, e.g. C:\Documents\Reports\report.pdf, or
  • a KNIME URL, e.g. knime://LOCAL/report.pdf.
The folder or workflow group in which the output file shall be written has to exist.
If output file exists
Specify whether the local output file should be overwritten if it exists or whether this node should fail. If a KNIME URL is given, no check is done.
Browser for PDF generation
Which browser to use to generate a PDF of the report. Only available if the Bundled Chromium browser is installed, otherwise defaults to CEF.
Report PDF generation timeout (seconds)
If you run into timeouts when generating large PDF reports, try increasing the timeout.

Input Ports

The report to write to PDF

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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