IP to Geometry

Gets the geo location of the provided IP addresses by using one of the supported services. Please choose the desired service provider and enter your personal API key in the node settings (optional).

To register for an API key please visit the homepage of the service provider of your choice at:


IP address column

Select the IP address column to geocode. It should contain a string with the IP address to geocode. such as

Service provider

Select the service provider to use for IP to geometry conversion.

Available options:

  • ipinfo.io: Pricing and limits can be found here.
  • ipapi: Pricing and limits can be found here.
  • abstract IP Geolocation API: Pricing and limits can be found here.
Access token

Enter the access token for the service provider. You can leave this field empty if the service provider doesn't require an access token.

Minimum delay (seconds)

Enter the minimum delay in seconds between two requests.

Default timeout (seconds)

Enter the default timeout in seconds for each request.

Maximum retries on error

Number of retries to perform for each IP address.

Fail on error

If there are errors the execution will stop, and all results are discarded. Otherwise, missing values are returned for each failing request. In this case you can inspect the KNIME log file for any error messages.

Input Ports


Table with an IP address column to geocode.

Output Ports


Table with the geometry for all given IP addresses.

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