Geospatial Analytics

Nodes for Geospatial Analytics

This category contains 96 nodes.

IconDeprecated Geospatial Nodes 

Deprecated Geospatial Nodes

IconExploratory Spatial Data Analysis 

Nodes that provide various measures and methods to analyze spatial autocorrelation.

IconLocation Analysis 

Nodes that solve various location optimization problems.

IconOpen Datasets 

Nodes that provide access to various public datasets, such as OpenStreetMap and US census data.

IconSpatial Calculation 

Nodes that facilitate the calculation and representation of spatial properties, enveloping geometries, and complex geometric unions.

IconSpatial Clustering 

Spatial Clustering (Regionalization).

IconSpatial Conversion 

Nodes that convert between various geometric and textual representations, or apply geocoding operations, and extract metadata from geometries.

IconSpatial IO 

Nodes that read and write spatial data in various formats.

IconSpatial Manipulation 

Nodes that merge, alter, and generate new spatial entities based on spatial relationships, distances, and geometric properties.

IconSpatial Modelling 

Nodes that conduct spatial regression, panel modelling, and geographically weighted regression analyses.