Node Neighbor Extractor

Extracts neighbors of the nodes with the given ids from the input table. If no table is available all nodes are used.


Node id column
The column that contains the ids of the nodes to extract the neighbors for. All nodes are used if no table is available.
The direction of an edge is considered if ticked. This option is only available if the network is directed.
Node status
Only available if directed is enabled. The neighbor table contains the source node as object id and its target neighbors as neighbors if the source status is selected.
Attach weight
If the weight should be attached to the node id. The neighbor column is a mixed list cell that contains the node id as first element as string and its weight as second element as double.
Filter empty neighbors
If this option is ticked all nodes that do not have a neighbor are filtered. Thus the result table will contain only nodes that possess at least one neighbor.

Input Ports

Network view
Optional node id table

Output Ports

Neighbor table


This node has no views




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