Image Writer

Writes image to various formats supported by the scifio library. A list of the supported formats can be found here:


Image column to save
Select the column holding the images.
Selected Directory
The directory where the images will be stored.
Select the column which provides the names for the files to save. Make sure, that there are no duplicated file names (they will be overwritten or ignored, depending on the "Writer options").
Alternatively you can select <RowID> to use the Row ID as the file name.
Custom Filename
You can specify a custom prefix for the filenames. The filenames will follow the following schema: prefix01, prefix02 etc.
Absolute Paths in the filename column
Treat the filenames provided by filename column as absolute paths, and write the images to them. Will disable the other output options.
Format selection
To determine the format of the files. Note that some formats need specific pixel types (e.g. avi needs unsigned byte). Use the Converter-Node to provide the right type.

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Output Ports

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