Ilastik Headless (Pixel classification)

This node executes Ilastik and process the given input images headless using a provided Ilastik pixel classification project file. Input images MUST have the sime dimension as in the learned Ilastik project, otherwise an Ilastik error may occur. Resulting images will have one channel for each class defined in ilastik representing the probability for each pixel to be part of the corresponding class (0-1). Please make sure the right path to the Ilastik installation is given in "Preferences -> KNIME -> Image Processing Plugin -> Ilastik -> Path to Ilastik installation".


Path to Ilastik project file
The ilastik project to be executed.
TIFF bugfix
Should the XYT output of ilastik be converted to XYZC?
Memory / CPU limits
Maximum of memory and threads allowed for Ilastik alone.
Column Selection
Column containing the images to be processed.

Input Ports

Input Images

Output Ports

Ilastik images


Image Viewer
Image Viewer




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