Tile Loop Start

The Tile Loop Start node creates tiles of equal size of an input image. Only the images in the chosen column are processed. Other columns will removed from the table. The loop is executed once per input image.

The image is expanded using the selected Out of Bounds strategy so it can be split into tiles of equal size.


Image column to tile
The column which contains the images which should be processed.
Tile size
The tile size. Deselect the checkbox to use only one tile with the image size in this dimension.
The overlap per dimension. Deselect the checkbox to use zero overlap in this dimension.
Out of bounds strategy
The Out of Bounds strategy which is used if the tiles doesn't fit perfectly and for the overlap of the border tiles.

Input Ports

Any datatable containing images in one column.

Output Ports

Tiles of the current image. The table has one column which is named as the chosen column of the input table and one row per tile.


Image Viewer
View image tiles.


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