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IconCompare Segments Manipulator

Compares two tables of segments (binary image masks) according to how many relativ pixels they have in common. Hence the actual segment shape AND the […]

IconData Row to Image ManipulatorStreamable

Converts a collection of numbers into an image.

IconDon't Save End ScopeEnd

IconDon't Save Start ScopeStart

IconImage to DataRow ManipulatorStreamable

Converts an image (ImgPlusCell) into a collection of numbers (DoubleCells).

IconSlice Loop End LoopEnd

Collects slices of Slice Loop Start and recombines them to images / labelings.

IconSlice Loop Start LoopStart

Loops over selected slices.

IconTile Loop End LoopEnd

Collects tiles from the Tile Loop Start node and recombines them into images.

IconTile Loop Start LoopStart

Loops over tiles of equal size.